Open Records Decisions (ORDs)

Open Records Decisions are formal opinions relating to the Public Information Act (formerly the Open Records Act). These decisions usually address novel or problematic legal questions and are signed by the Attorney General. Open Records Decisions may be cited as precedent in briefing to the Open Records Division.

The documents below are in PDF format, which are exact reproductions of the original documents.

Attorney General PDF
Greg Abbott
ORD-678 to ORD-688
John Cornyn
ORD-659 to ORD-677
Dan Morales
ORD-584 to ORD-658
Jim Mattox
ORD-358 to ORD-583
Mark White
ORD-221 to ORD-357
John L. Hill
ORD-1 to ORD-220

For copies of opinions or letter opinions that are not online, please contact the Opinions Library at (512) 936-1730. For copies of open records decisions or letter rulings that are not online, please contact the Open Records Division at (512) 936-6736.

All opinions issued since January 4, 1939 are online.
All letter opinions issued since January 21, 1953 are online.
All open records decisions issued since July 20, 1973 are online.
Most open record letter rulings dating back to January 4, 1989 are online

Check back with us often, as we continue to add to these online records.