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Red Flags for Minor and Adult Sex Trafficking

  • Changes in their school attendance habits, appearance, socio-economics, friend groups, interests, school activities, vocabulary, demeanor, attitude and sexual behavior
  • Luxury items like manicures, designer clothing, purses, etc. without an explainable source of income
  • Truancy
  • Getting into trouble in the company of older teens or adults
  • Sexually provocative clothing
  • Tattoos or branding
  • Refillable gift cards
  • Multiple phone or social media accounts
  • Lying about the existence of those accounts or refusing parent access to those accounts
  • Sexually provocative pictures on the phone or online accounts
  • Unexplained injuries: bruising, swelling, redness, cigarette burns
  • Third-party control of schedule and social interaction
  • Isolation from community, family or friends


For a more comprehensive list of red flags Human Trafficking Red Flags Handout